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    Posted on06Mar

    Drama Theatre Visit to THE WOMAN IN BLACK

    On Tuesday evening, we travelled to the Fortune Theatre to spectate the fantastic “Woman in Black”.

    This theatre production consisted of two excellent actors: Terence Williams and James Byng. These two actors carried the play through with a live presence and really captured the audience. With the involvement of the space around the audience, you found yourself chasing along. Another reason this production was so successful was due to the very creative set design as well as the lighting/sound design which as a result enhanced the small stage and really transformed it into something never-ending. It was beautifully directed and had a few aspects which weren't from the original novel yet added the extra sprinkling of thriller. The first half included the odd humorous take and involved the emotion of the characters outside of the story whereas in the second half it really struck down on the story and invested fully into the mystery. So overall it was well constructed, designed and had a great flow on the stage.

    By Anushah Year 10