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    Posted on05Feb

    Year 10 GCSE Drama Theatre Visit to AMADEUS

    Review of 'Amadeus'

    On Monday 5th February, students from the year 10 GCSE drama class went to see Michael Longhurst's production of Peter Shaffer's iconic play; 'Amadeus' at The Royal National Theatre.

    The play follows the story of classical composers (and rivals) Mozart - the childish, rowdy, yet highly talented composer, and Saliere - the accomplished, but jealous composer. Throughout the whole play there is an orchestra present onstage, and not only do they play the most amazing and difficult pieces of music, but also interact with the actors and take part in the drama as they play. It's impossible to find a single flaw in the acting, orchestra, staging or the production as a whole! It was so perfectly timed, with every movement that was made and note that was played, they all fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. The play truly was astounding and mesmerising, and it gave us the opportunity to enjoy both amazing acting and live music on the same stage. If you get the chance to watch 'Amadeus' at the Royal National Theatre, I highly recommend you do.