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    Posted on26Sep

    European Day of Languages

    This year we celebrated European Day of Languages with a whole afternoon of exciting activities. Students were given a program of over twenty themed rooms and had the whole of period 5 to explore whatever took their fancy. This included; a ‘Caribbean Jamming’ room with food and dancing, a ‘Buon Appetito’ room serving Italian food, a ‘Turkish’ room with tea-leaf reading, dancing, clothing and instruments, an ‘African Diversity Team’ room with Ghanaian and Nigerian jollof rice, music and traditional clothing, ‘Language Games’, a ‘Great British Bake Off’, Bollywood Dancing, Facepaint, Henna and many more.

    It was brilliant to see so many students and teachers involved -  thank you all for contributing generously by hosting so many rooms and participating enthusiastically all afternoon.  It was such a delight to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of sharing languages, food, music, clothing and culture in school. A lovely celebration of our diversity.

    Thanks especially to Mrs Poncelet for all your work to organise this event, to Mr Kafouris for the photos that can be seen here and the Year 12 Language Ambassadors for being great helpers.

    Full list of Activities:

    ·      Treasure Hunt

    ·      Poster Competition

    ·      Samba Workshop

    ·      Roma Culture

    ·      Teach me your Language

    ·      Hebrew Tattoo Artist

    ·      Mendhy/ Henna Art

    ·      Badge making

    ·      Turkish Room

    ·      Caribbean Jamming

    ·      Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi, Oi, Oi!

    ·      Buon Appetito

    ·      Who do you think you are?

    ·      Polish Room

    ·      Great British Bake Off

    ·      Bollywood Dancing/ Hula-hoop

    ·      African Diversity Team

    ·      Pancake Day

    ·      The Balloon Challenge

    ·      Face Paintin

    ·      Pétanque /Football/Tchouk

    ·      Greek Feast

    ·      Italian Feast

    ·      Language Games