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    Posted on12Jul

    Year 12 Creative Writing Trip!

    The Year 12 creative Writing class visited the Tate Modern gallery on Wednesday 12th July, to explore how art and text interacted and connected.

    At first, we were going to see the 'Artist and Society' exhibit, but we were side-tracked by the exhibit in the Turbine Gallery; it was full of speakers, each saying something different. Standing in the middle of the room was an experience, as you could hear all the different speakers - each with its own vaguely unsettling speech. We wrote a piece here, with all the speakers around. Many of us were inspired to try abstract pieces, and it definitely helped inspire the entire group.

    We then made our way to our original destination: the 'Artist and Society' exhibit. There was a range of artwork, but the main focus was on black heritage and slavery, with an entire section of the gallery dedicated to it. Here we wrote poems based on what we had taken from the exhibit, and were escpecially inspired by the work of Carrie Mae Weems. This was another exercise to help us change the style in which we usually write and help us try different genres and styles.

    After this we travelled to the British Library to see their exhibit on LGBT+ history. The entire day was interesting, exciting and helped us with both inspiration for our writing pieces, and our use of form and genre. 

    By Sophie, Year 12