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    Posted on13Jul

    Enfield County Summer Concert!

    Every year we hold our annual summer concert, this year included;

    Year 10 Chamber Choir, Lower School Choir, String Quartet, Enfield County School Orchestra, Brass Quartet, as well as many amazing solos from the student here at Enfield County.

    The Year 10 chamber choir sang, ‘Bring Me Little Water, Silvy’, and blew everyone away with their harmonies. They also sang a traditional song, ‘Balm in Gilead’.

    The Enfield County Orchestra played the well-known song, ‘In The Hall of the Mountain King’ as well as ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie. Each section was playing different parts, making it extremely hard to get right. However, it was greatly enjoyable.

    There were many solos from our students, including a Year 10 student, Elen of 10C, playing ‘Nocturne in C# Minor’ which was really powerful and emotional, and inspired many people. Tracey of 8L played a flute solo named ‘Waltzlet’. It was amazing to see how hard the flute students had worked, and it only took Tracey 2 weeks to learn this piece. Solana Lord-Baptiste also sang an amazing soprano solo, called ‘Pie Jesu’, which left a lot of the people in the crowd speechless. Last but not least, Zareena of 8L, who played ‘Hungarian Rondo’ amazingly well on the same day she played it for her Grade 5 exam!

    The String Quartet played a brilliant piece called ‘Schindler’s List’, which was one of our favourites, ignoring the fact that we were playing in it! We all worked very hard on it, and the most difficult thing was that all four of us had completely different parts, but we continued to give up our time to work on it, so it was the best it could have been.

    Towards the end of the evening, the Brass quartet played an outstanding piece called ‘Razzle Dazzle’. It was very unique, and they included extras such as clicking their fingers, which really added to the happiness of the song.

    The Lower School Choir sang two songs, ‘Where is Love’ and ‘Super Trouper’, which both included many sections which blended nicely to create beautiful harmonies. Furthermore, the songs they performed were happy and moving, as well as having joyful lyrics.

    To top it all off, there was an incredible Staff Choir, who performed the traditional song ‘Down to the River to Pray’. I’m sure almost every student in the audience recorded it on their phones! It was unbelievable how they managed to give up their time to practice the amazing song, full of harmonies.

    Overall, this Summer concert was the best one so far, but it couldn’t have been done without Ms McGinley, Ms Harper and all the other teachers who helped out behind the scenes. We hope those who attended enjoyed it just as much as we did!

    Written by Sarah 8L and Zeynep 8F