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    Posted on11Jul

    Review of HAMLET at the Harold Pinter Theatre by Lucy 9L

    Review of 'Hamlet' at the Harold Pinter Theater starring Andrew Scott:

    I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Andrew Scott in the production of Hamlet and I was so glad I took the opportunity to see it. Andrew Scott is a brilliant actor, but I already knew that from watching him play Moriarty in the BBC series 'Sherlock', but seeing him in a play was even better. The whole cast was extraordinary and had me at the edge of my seat for the entire performance (quite literally as I was on the very back row on the top tier so I tried my best to see everything). The play used the traditional Shakespearean language that was used in the original text of Hamlet, however, the director had adapted it so that the cast wore modern clothes and the staging was all modern and very well done. The director did an amazing job contrasting the traditional Hamlet with a modernized one that even had technology and TV screens incorporated into it. The whole play was enjoyable and staged flawlessly. It is so good you would want to see it again!

    Review written by Lucy 9L