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    Posted on27Jan

    Our visit from a French school!


    The day started off when 25 Year 8 students from Courbevoie near Paris arrived for a whole morning of activities. Mr Luzet along with Ms Rutherford welcomed them into school. We sat in a row behind them while Mr Luzet spoke to us all in French.

    After that, our French exchange partners turned around and we started ‘speed talking’ to them : they asked us questions in French, and we answered in French. Then, we asked them questions in English while they answered in English. This activity was quite fun as it helped us know the person we talked to a bit more… And we managed to speak lots of French !

     Later on, we had a glass of juice and took a group picture with them. We then went to lunch and luckily it was a Friday and there were chips, burger, pizza, ect. Our French partners said that they enjoyed the food ! In the hall, Shinea played the piano, which the French teachers really enjoyed. It was nearly over when their coach arrived.

    We gave them a thank you  gift (which was a pen with the school name on it) and we waved them goodbye. Overall the day was full of laughter and fun as we talked and learnt more about their life in Courbevoie. We thoroughly loved it!


    Stephanie K in 8C