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    Posted on14Dec

    Knitting Club

          Close Knit Club

    The knitting club is in its third year. Thanks to some very dedicated knitters we are close to having enough "squares" to make up a blanket, which will then be raffled to raise money for charity. Anyone is welcomed to join the club, whether you can already knit or are a complete beginner.

    If you want to help us reach our goal, learn a new skill and relax with friends,  come and join us after the Christmas holiday. Every Wednesdays lunchtime in room 22, 12.15 till 1pm.

    More squares would be gratefully received from other students, staff or parents/carers who want to help. You need size 4.5 (7 or 8) needles, cast on 32 stiches, knit until you have a "square" and hand in to RA's office !!

    Happy knitting !

    Ms Barford