What Ofsted says about the governance of our school:


The Governing Body have a deep insight into the school’s many strengths and few areas for improvement…..Members of the Governing Body have established a truly cohesive school community where everybody shares the same vision and values.


The governance of the school knows the school very well because members visit regularly to monitor the school’s work. The governing body has been involved in school development and improvement planning and in setting challenging targets for the school to achieve, including for the proportion of teaching which is good or better.


The governance of the school has a strong knowledge of the progress of different groups of students. The governors receive regular and comprehensive reports from the Headteacher and have also requested that heads of subject areas attend meetings of the governing body where they are challenged to explain any remaining gaps in attainment for different groups of students


The governance of the school ensures that equal opportunities have a high profile in the school and is committed to tackling discrimination.


The Governing Body of Enfield County School takes its responsibilities very seriously:


1.  Strategic - by setting the general direction of the school and looking at how best it should develop.  This is done by reviewing and agreeing policies, targets and priorities and monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives.


2.  As a Critical Friend - working with Ms Rutherford and members of SLT to create a clear understanding of the challenges facing the school and the strengths and areas for development.  The Governing Body questions and challenges with a view to promoting the highest standards of achievement and the very best educational opportunities for all of our students.


3.  Accountability - by being answerable to parents and the wider community and by gathering views, asking questions and deciding what is best for the school.  Governors use their collective skills to support the school and to benefit students and the wider school community.


The full Governing Body meets termly, with the Curriculum Committee, Finance and Personnel Committee and Premises Committee also meeting termly prior to full Governing Body meetings.  Individual governors are regular visitors to the school both during the school day and to after school events.



Curriculum Committee


Areas of responsibility include:


Curriculum, Behaviour and Discipline, School Plan, Progress and Attainment, School Targets, Policy Review


Finance and Personnel


Areas of responsibility include:


Finance, Resources, Monitoring of Pupil Premium Funding, Staffing, Performace Management, Policy Review




Areas of responsiblity include:


Premises, Health and Safety, Policy Review


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